The Hilarious Hotel Website Features Checklist You Absolutely Can not Miss in 2023

Let me first respond to one of the most frequently asked questions: Do hotels require websites? before moving on to the essentials and tips for hotel websites. Well, the response is YES! In the very competitive world of today, hotel websites are quite important. In this article, we will explore the must-have hotel website features checklist for 2023, providing you with valuable insights and tips to enhance your hotel online presence.

Welcome to the era of hotel websites that not only provide a cozy place to rest but also guarantee a chuckle or two! In 2023, the hospitality industry is turning up the humor with a checklist of website features that are as entertaining as they are functional.

1. **Pillow Fight Counter:** Because who doesn't want to know how many epic pillow fights have taken place in the hotel? Bonus points if there's a leaderboard for reigning champions!

2. **Room Service Riddles:** Spice up the menu with riddles. Solve the puzzle, and your meal gets an extra sprinkle of magic. Forget "chicken or beef"; it's all about "enigma or conundrum."

3. **Virtual Concierge Stand-Up:** Imagine a virtual concierge delivering stand-up comedy while assisting guests. Need extra towels? Get ready for a punchline along with your amenities.

4. **Emoji Room Ratings:** Guests express their satisfaction using emojis. Five smileys for an outstanding experience, a confused face for "needs improvement." Let the emojis do the talking!

5. **Luggage Karaoke:** Upload a picture of your suitcase, and the website suggests a theme song for your arrival. Because every suitcase has a soundtrack.

6. **The "Lost Sock" Mystery Game:** A quirky take on lost and found. Guests can embark on a virtual scavenger hunt to reunite socks with their long-lost pairs.

7. **Towel Origami Tutorials:** Learn the ancient art of towel origami through hilarious tutorials. Turn your towel into a swan or a dinosaur � the choice is yours!

8. **Humorous Checkout Quotes:** As guests confirm their reservation, surprise them with funny checkout quotes that guarantee a smile before departure.

Buckle up for a stay filled with laughter and unforgettable moments. This is not just a hotel; it's a comedy show waiting to happen!